The Grange Park Community 

The Grange Park Community is the largest estate in Blackpool with over 7000 residents.  It is situated within The Trinity Parish. Matt Rowley and his wife, Lucy, as well as Jeni and her husband, Pedro, all live and work within Grange Park itself.   Both Matt and Jeni bring a passion for the gospel and have a strong vision to see people come to a living faith in Jesus, through proclamation and loving action, by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Together with local Christians they are reversing the decline in the church’s mission and have established Hope Community Church which meets each Sunday at The Boathouse, Horsebridge Road.

The Leadership Team are also building links with the Grange Park residents, the Children’s Centre and primary schools. This September we have opened Hope Café at The Argosy Community Centre on Forshaw Avenue, Grange Park which is open each Friday and we hold various social events at the Argosy throughout the week.

Hope cafe
All Welcome!  

prayer wedendays

Please do join us for Coffee and Prayer at The Argosy Centre.  We would love to see you!


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